Elevate your life insurance for your evolving lifestyle.

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Ellos will review your current insurance policy using analytics and provide data-driven recommendations for the policy that is most suitable for you.
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Why should you have your policy scored?

Protect yours

Protect your family, business and favourite charities and ensure they are always taken care of.

10% of policies

Make sure your policy is modified for you so that you are part of the 10% of policies that won’t lapse.

Become your own bank

Moving from a protect policy into a growth policy. Become your own bank.
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New to life insurance?

Let us create your first score and find you a suitable policy.
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Our promise to you

Ellos is here to shine a light on your life insurance journey

  • We will treat your policies like our own
  • You will always be kept up to date on any changes or recomendations
  • We are transparent in everything we do with you
  • We will explain and guide you through annual reports
  • We will keep you informed when changes happen to your policy

Why should you have your policy scored?

Industry facts

90% of policies expire without the policy owner knowing
More than 40% of life insurance policies lack an active insurance specialist advisor
Most policies holders are unaware they can modify their policy for better outcomes

Life circumstances

Selling a business
Retirement plans
Having a grandchild
Charitable planning
Estate planning

Ways to use life insurance

Tax free access to cash value
Tax free death benefit
Long term care
Guaranteed cash value
Income replacement
Be your own bank
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